Our Story

Sitesholic was launched in 2015 understanding the complications faced in executing the difficult projects. We are a highly specialised website development and digital marketing company.

Given the expertise of our team in cutting-edge technology, we entered the industry with the purpose of bridging creativity with technology as easily and effectively as possible. It helped us in emerging as the fastest growing outsourcing company; and that is what makes us different from typical web designing companies.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Sitesholic is known for delivering high quality work within the stipulated period of time. Along with maintaining the quality and delivering exactly what is expected from us, we make sure that everything is compatible with the new technology. Our services are quite convenient, as we provide constant support.

We understand that every project is unique, so is our work. Creativity is another thing that has built our reputation. As far as services are concerned, we offer everything that is required to establish a business online. In this fast growing world, a business has to be online and we make sure that the online presence is best in the industry.

Once we take the responsibility of the work, we take its end result very personally and don’t stop until the best has come out. Apart from this, our prices are best in the industry. We charge genuinely right for what we are offering.

Our Work Ethics


Transparency and sincerity is the basic, once committed must be fulfilled.


Never settle for less, every effort should be towards making the masterpiece.


Set an example in the industry and always stay ahead of the curve.

Going Extra Mile

Understand the requirement and offer more than the expectations.

What Makes Us Different

Sitesholic is not just another IT service provider. Here we are adamant for making masterpieces. We strive for challenges. Anything that looks impossible to others belong to us. Just imagine whatever you can think of and we will make it happen right away. We know the value of word, so we stick to ours. Once committed, has to be done anyway. Our job doesn’t get over after the delivery, we never go lenient with the after-delivery support.

Digitally, the world is constantly changing; and so are we. We like to up your game by preparing for future technology. Nothing is certain in these times; but we offer assurance of constant support. Our service is not just limited to the contracts; we believe in building relationship.

Indeed, the world in quite competent, we survive on our extra efforts to predict the future. We make sure that no aspect is left untouched while building something great

What Makes Us Different
Fact 1

Active clients

200 +
Fact 2

Projects Done

570 +
Fact 3

Success Rate

98 %
Fact 4


50 +

Our Team

We are a team and that’s how we build great things. Each one of us is dedicated to offer the excellent services. Together we fulfill our commitments and offer more than what is promised. The systematic as well as planned execution is our strength and that’s how we deliver smoothly.

Love from Clients